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Our services cover the air, land, and sea.  We provide drone photography, 2D and 3D mapping through drone photogrammetry, and bathymetry (or 2D and 3D mapping under water) utilizing advanced sonar technology to map the hard and soft bottoms of any body of water.

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High-resolution imagery of a target area used to create a comprehensive 2D image, textured 3D model, or Digital Surface Model/Digital Terrain Model (DSM/DTM).  Whether you're in construction, agriculture, real estate, land surveying, or you just want to track the progress of your property over time, we offer varying levels of accuracy down to the centimeter.

Aerial View of the Carnival


Looking for a unique perspective?  You've found it!  Capture or live-stream events, highlight property and put it in context.  Showcase your business, event, or property in a beautiful cinematic video.  Whatever your photo or video needs require, allow us to take you to the next level.

Roof Shingles


Our FAA Licensed Drone Operators quickly and efficiently take high-resolution photos and video of a roof for review by a certified roof technician.  This service is for roofing specialists in order to reduce the time and risk associated with physically conducting these inspections, enabling you to prioitize the physical inspections for the issues discovered through our images.

Dirt Construction Site


Our team can provide cost saving asset and inventory management for you.  Our mapping products and imagery track the progress of construction over time, can be used to measure the volumes of aggregate needed, delivered, or to be removed.  Maximize the use of space for development, taking advantage of the entire property, with to-scale maps exported into CAD.  Whether you are planning, managing, or providing updates to investors our products are sure to impress.

Reflection in a Pond


Utilizing a remote controlled surface craft, we provide precise soundings of waterways through the use of a dual-frequency single-beam sonar.  This technology enables our team to provide you 2D or 3D depictions of the soft-bottom, hard-bottom, or both of any waterway.  This can accurately determine the amount of sludge or mud that accumulated in the bottom.  Whether you need to determine the efficiency of your pond, or need a depth chart of a waterway, our team has you covered.

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